Damper Piston Hydraulic Test Stand D39230

Product Information

Damper Piston Hydraulic Test Stand Model D39230

The test stand is designed to carry out testing and maintenance procedures on aircraft damper pistons. The test stand is of welded stainless steel monocoque construction with all heavy loads supported on a steel channel section base. The oil tank is also welded stainless steel. The test stand is designed to use MIL-H-83282 oil.

Model 39230 is equipped with a piston pump capable of supplying hydraulic oil at 15 GPM up to 1500 PSI to the unit under test (UUT), this pump comes close-coupled to a 20HP motor. A second gear pump is connected via a through shaft to supply hydraulic pressure to the pilot port of an electronic proportional relief valve. System hydraulic pressure is controlled using a panel mounted potentiometer to position the electronic proportional relief valve.

Product Features

Leading Particulars

  • Width: 60 inches

  • Depth: 52 inches

  • Height: 104.1 inches

  • Weight: Approximately 2500 lbs.

  • Fluid: MIL-H-83282, 60 gal capacity

  • Max Pressure: 1500 PSIG

  • Max Flow: 15 GPM

Other Information

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