Pneumatic Sensor Assembly Test Stand D39296

Product Information

Pneumatic Sensor Assembly Test Stand Model D39296

This test stand is designed for the purpose of testing new or overhauled Pneumatic Sensor Assemblies. Model 39296 features two Mensor® CPC6000 Multi-Function Pressure Controllers and a fully automated data acquisition system.

The test stand has the capability to carry out a fully automated test procedure on two Pneumatic Sensor Assemblies. Each pressure controller is equipped with two pressure sensors, 0-30 PSIA and 0-65 PSIA. These highly accurate pressure sensors (0.01% IS-50) are used to precisely control and accurately measure air or vacuum test points from full vacuum to 65 PSIA.

Model 39296 incorporates a computer based data acquisition system using National Instruments hardware. Instrumentation signals including pressure and voltage are fed into the data acquisition hardware. A custom software program that is developed in LabVIEW® controls the fully automated test procedure, reads, displays, and creates a test report of the necessary parameters to complete the test procedures.

Product Features

Leading Particulars

  • Width: 49.66 inches

  • Depth: 45 inches

  • Height: 77 inches

  • Weight: Approximately 1000 lbs.

Other Information

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