LMM Flow Computers

Staley Co. is the exclusive U.S. distributor of LMM Flow Computers

Designed to meet the ever changing requirements of flow metering the Multiflow can be tailored to virtually any flow application from the most basic of rate and total indicators to a batcher or full control system with computer and printer interface. The system will operate with any flow sensors or sensors that give a signal output. The display is user configurable. Power supply can be either mains ac or 12V dc.

Specifications are designed specifically to customer requirements by adding available options. Systems may be in the form of rate and total; batchers, or completely special units. The user may program PID type ratio control.

Rate and frequency have up to six characters available for display: total and batch have up to eight characters available.

Entry of calibration data is performed with an infrared, hand-held keypad, with pass code protection. Display selection can be made at the front panel of the unit or with the infrared keypad. The users configure parameter denominations and measurements. Calculations employ full floating point. Multiflow conforms to CE requirements.

Product Features

  • Built to customer requirements
  • 3 Simultaneous frequency inputs
  • Six 12 bit analogue outputs
  • Ratio control
  • CE conformity
  • Download Full Specs LMM Multiflow Brochure

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Additional information


24 inches


36.25 inches


54.6 inches


Approximately 800 lbs.


PGD, 8 gal capacity