Design of new equipment

The process begins with a preliminary design presented to the prospective customer. The design is based on the CMM test specifications (or other applicable test criteria) of the components to be tested. A price quote and a proposed delivery schedule is provided with the general layout drawing, the fluid and electrical schematics, and a bill of material. Most often the particular component or components to be tested will warrant a custom design.

Standard equipment offering

A large selection of pre-designed test stand plans are also available for our customer. If one matches your requirements then considerable cost savings, over the custom design price, is passed on to the customer. Plans from both the James A. Staley Company and UMC are available.

Redesign and updating of old equipment

A sometimes cost effective alternative to a new test stand is to refurbish an existing unit. We have considerable experience in this field including modernizing outdated equipment.

Used equipment

A small selection of previously owned test stands is housed in a separate warehouse facility. These can be sold as is or we can refurbish them. Refurbished equipment carries the same one year warranty as a new test stand.

Facility design

Entire shop facilities have been designed by our Engineering department. These facilities are located world-wide. Our personnel are available for on-site assistance during and after set up.

Field service

Our field service team is always deployable for world wide assignments. They provide assistance in installation, start-up, and training, as well as in repair and maintenance.

Start-up and Training

Training is available at no charge on the premises of the James A. Staley Co. in Carmel , New York . This training can coincide with a final inspection of the stand prior to shipment.

Two detailed instruction manuals are supplied with the stand containing operating and maintenance instructions.

Free technical assistance is always available from the company via phone, facsimile, or e-mail.

On site training is available at additional cost.


Our warranty is for one year after installation or 15 months after shipment, whichever occurs first.

Spare parts (fuses, etc.) are shipped with the stand.

James A. Staley Co. guarantees all purchased parts and workmanship.