Coolant Flow Module D39225

Model 39225 is a highly customized, portable coolant flow module built for a major OEM. It is incorporated into a mobile testing platform designed to fit within the LD-7 air freight shipping envelope.

The test stand contains an air compressor and vacuum pump to apply positive or negative pressure to the reservoir. A series of panel mounted valves controls the flow of PGD test fluid to the UUT at the supply port. A MicroMotion® Coriolis flow meter is incorporated into the circuit with the transmitter mounted on the front panel for exceptionally accurate flow measurement in an easy to read format. Model 39225 also uses pressure transducers with panel mounted digital readouts for accurate pressure measurement.

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24 inches


36.25 inches


54.6 inches


Approximately 800 lbs.


PGD, 8 gal capacity