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200 HP AC Generator Test Stand D39315

This test stand is designed for the purpose of testing new or overhauled AC Generators. Model 39315 is equipped with a high speed gearbox and 200 HP drive motor with a variable frequency drive to run various AC Generators at speeds up to 12,000 RPM. The gearbox is equipped with a standalone and self contained lubrication package. The test stand consists of two sections, a drive section and a test console, that allows the operator to control the test stand from the test console located in a separate location from the drive section

Model 39315 incorporates a computer based data acquisition system using National Instruments hardware. Instrumentation signals including drive speed and voltage are fed into the data acquisition hardware. A custom software program that is developed in LabVIEW® reads, displays, and plots the necessary parameters to complete the test procedures.

The test stand includes a self contained load bank mounted on the drive section of the test stand. Features include a phase sequence monitoring system, adjustable power factor loading, and display. The test stand is capable of 3-phase loading, 1-phase loading, and power factor adjustment. The maximum 3-phase loading value is 60 kW, the maximum 1-phase loading value is 30 kW, and the maximum power factor adjustment is 0.8.

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Additional information

Leading Particulars

Test Console Width: 45 inches
Test ConsoleDepth: 32 inches
Test Console Height: 77 inches
Test Console Weight: Approximately 1200 lbs.
Drive Stand Width: 56 inches
Drive Stand Depth: 82 inches
Drive Stand Height: 86 inches
Drive Stand Weight: Approximately 5000 lbs.
Lube Package Max Pressure: 30 PSIG
Lube Package Max Flow: 1 GPM
Drive Motor: 200HP @ 1450 RPM
High Speed Gearbox: 6.10:1 up to 12,000 RPM