DC Generator Brush Seating Test Stand D39320

Test stand custom designed and built for a Starter Generator brush bedding procedure for various DC Generators. Features include solid-state controllers to supply power for driving the generators along with safety monitoring circuits that prevent operation with incorrect or missing connections. Automatic operation provides specified load and speed for the required time period. At the end of the bedding procedure, the generator is gradually ramped (speed and load) to a stop condition. Safety circuits for protection from abnormal operating conditions are included.

Model 39320 features the capability to run three DC Generators independently with convenient operator controls and sliding racks to hook up the DC Generators. The operating status of each DC Generator running is clearly displayed on the control panel.
Drive motor: 100 Hp, 1150/4000 rpm, direct current
Electrical service: 380 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 118 KVA.

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28 inches


30.66 inches


77 inches


Approximately 1800 lbs.