AC/DC Generator Test Stand Model D38357

Product Information

The Test Stand is designed for carrying out tests and maintenance procedures on aircraft generators and electrical starters. It consists of a Test Console, a Drive Skid that has the prime mover and gearbox as well as other equipment to cool the generator under test as well as the SCR motor controller and gearbox lubrication equipment, a load bank is another part that helps build a complete Generator Test Stand.

The load bank has all the necessary resistors and relays to load the generators. The last item is a DC power supply that energizes the starter to test the aircraft starter. The system was primarily designed to test the generators and or alternators and starter generators used on Dornier 228, SAAB340 and Fokker 50 but can be easily adapted to test a variety of other generators/alternators or starter generators of similar characteristics.

Product Features

  • Drive motor: 100 Hp, 1150/4000 rpm, direct current

  • Electrical service: 380 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 118 KVA.

Other Information

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