Valve Test Stand Model D39120

Product Information

The test stand is designed for carrying out test procedures on various pneumatic valves. The stand consists of 2 units (the test rig & the portable console) and also an external air circuit. The stainless steel rig has an aluminum structural framed enclosure with a polycarbonate safety shield that can be raised and lowered. Large airflows are measured by the orifice (left end of photo) while small airflows can be measured by four mass air flowmeters in the rig.

Product Features

The instrumentation of the stand measures the different parameters of the test: air pressures, airflows and temperatures. Specific valves to be tested include the following:

  • AV-8B Butterfly Valve: 75A507108-1007

  • AV-8B Vent/Defog Valve: M6343

  • AV-8B Pressure Regulator Valve: 545261-019

  • E-2 Air Turbine Starter Control Valve: 38E45-11A

  • F-18 Avionics Flow Valve: 3213956-5-1

  • F-18 Vent/Suit Temp. Valve: 979784-3-1

  • F-18 Engine Anti-Ice Valve: 5046T76P04

  • F-18 Air Turbine Starter Control Valve: 2810203-105

  • P-3 Motor Operated Air Shut-off Valve: 41D230

  • SH-60 Anti Ice Valve: 3214072-4

  • T-58 Start Valve: 4003T62P05

  • T-58 Engine Anti-Ice Valve: 4025T87P01

  • T-58 Secondary Regulator Valve: 2770073-113

Leading Particulars:

  • Width: 72 inches

  • Depth: 42 inches

  • Height: 70 inches

  • Weight: Approximately 400 lbs.

Other Information

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