80 GPM Hydraulic Pump and Accessory T/S/ Model D39170

Product Features

The test stand is designed for carrying out procedures on various hydraulic pumps, motors and accessories. The fully enclosed drive section on the left features a 200 HP DC motor and dual-headed gearbox with speed ranges of 0-5300 RPM and 0-14150 RPM. Low pressure boost flow (up to 83 GPM) is available for pump testing and regenerative capabilities on the drive allow for motor testing.

The shielded accessory section in the middle can be used for testing various components such as valves/controls. The electrical system and solenoid operated 4-way manifold allows for automatic cycling of actuators. 400 Hz power is available in both sections of the test stand.

The hydraulic power source (not pictured) is a remote skid which features a 200 HP AC motor/variable volume piston pump (in addition to the boost pump/motor). This circuit is capable of delivering up to 50 GPM at 6000 PSI or 80 GPM at approx 3500 PSI. Oil filtration (3 micron) and accumulator keep oil supply contaminant and pulse free.

The control console on the right houses the computer system and fully featured (LabVIEW) data acquisition software package.

Product Features

  • Intensifier circuit for proof pressure checks (up to 10,000 PSI)
  • Automatic temperature control
  • A complement of analog gauges in addition to the full set of digital instrumentation

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Additional information


142 inches


120 inches


78 inches


Approximately 7000 lbs.


MIL-H-5606 (Red Oil) 250 gal capacity