ADP/STARTER Test Stand Model D38667

The test stand is designed for carrying out test and maintenance procedures on Air Driven Pumps (ADP’s) and pneumatic starters. The instrumentation of the console measures the different parameters of the test: pressures, flows, temperatures, and speeds. The test stand is comprised of 4 major items:
The test console
The 15.195 Slug flywheel fixture
The 5.0 Slug flywheel fixture
The ADP test fixture

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84 inches


42 inches


76 inches


Approximately 1200 lbs.


The console is of welded steel monocoque construction with a steel channel section base. The starter fixtures are mounted on heavy wall steel weldments with machined surfaces for precise positioning of the various components. The ADP test fixture and it’s associated systems are all mounted on a channel section base.

The instrumentation and controls on the console are arranged so that they may be easily read and operated when the operator is standing/sitting at the front of the stand.