Air Flow Measurement Cart D39239

The test unit is used for operational testing and troubleshooting of the GTCP 85-184 APU. The test unit is designed to control and monitor the APU bleed exhaust flow and consists of the Air Flow Measurement Cart, Operator Pendant and an Industrial Laptop Computer.

Model 39239 is a portable unit designed to be pulled at low speeds using a built-in swing arm. The measurement cart is made of painted steel and the pipes are insulated to protect the operator from high temperatures along with minimizing heat loss. An precision bored orifice section is mounted in the piping with pressure taps upstream and downstream connected to a differential pressure transducer.
The software program is written in LabVIEW® and calculates the air flow rate in Pounds per minute (PPM); which is then displayed on the laptop. The operator can set up the test screen to capture data by pressure the capture button in the software program. This data is automatically exported to a spreadsheet and save to the laptop for review.

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130 inches


46 inches


46.25 inches


Approximately 1000 lbs.