Cox® Calibrator Model 311 AHT (Overhaul and Repair Service)

The Cox® Calibrator Model 311 AHT is a semi-automatic precision instrument used to calibrate liquid flowmeters by the direct weigh method. These calibrators are generally found in aircraft repair stations and have been in service for 30 years, or more. Parts obsolescence has made the calibrator difficult to repair; however, The Staley Co. was one of the original Cox® integrators for this calibration equipment.

The Staley Co. offers complete refurbishment services including repaint, new pump/motor sets and soft goods replacement, etc. If required, certified calibrations are performed by Badger Meter’s Flow Dynamics primary standards laboratory.

Cox® is a registered trademark of Badger Meter, Inc.

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Additional information

Typical (Configuration Varies)

Fluid: MIL-PRF-7024 Type II “Calibrating Fluid”
Max Flow: 5-1000 PPH (Low Beam)
Max Flow: 500-150,000 PPH (High Beam)
Reservoir Capacity: 350 Gallons