Fuel Nozzle Test Stand D39291

This test stand is designed for the purpose of testing new or overhauled APU Fuel Nozzles. Model 39291 is equipped with a 6 segment patternator that utilize pressure transducers to measure fluid volume per segment. The test is semi-automated through the test stand software to control the test start and stop points while recording test data. The test stand can be configured for a variety of segment patternators, including 12 segment as a common configuration, and come equipped with spray angle measurement capabilities.

Model 39291 incorporates a computer based data acquisition system using National Instruments hardware. Instrumentation signals including pressure, spray angle measurement, fluid flow, and fluid temperature are fed into the data acquisition hardware. A custom software program that is developed in LabVIEW® reads, displays, and reports necessary parameters to complete the test procedures.

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Additional information


105.5 inches


64 inches


78 inches


Approximately 5000 lbs.


MIL-PRF-7024 Type 2, 15 gal capacity

Max Pressure

1500 PSIG

Max Flow