Fuel Nozzle Test Stand Model D39095

The test stand is designed for carrying out test procedures on fuel nozzles. The instrumentation of the stand measures the different parameters of the test: fuel pressures, fuel flows, temperatures as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of nozzle spray patterns. An enclosed sink is built into the left side of the stand containing fuel, air and gauge ports.

On the right end of the stand the nozzle box is placed. It has an illuminated spray chamber equipped with a 12-segment patternator, manual and digital spray angle protractors, forced air venting and two viewing windows. An annunciator warns the operator of any major failure such as a low fuel level, fuel over temperature, etc.

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Additional information


110 inches


64 inches


78 inches


Approximately 4000 lbs.


MIL-C-7024C, 20 gal capacity

Max Pressure

1500 PSIG

Max Flow