Fuel Pump Test Stand D39259

This test stand is designed for the purpose of testing and adjusting new or overhauled ARGO Tech fuel pump model 829500. Model 39259 is equipped with a pump capable of supplying 60 GPM at 60 PSI of MIL-PRF-7024 Type 2 to the unit under test (UUT). A 75 HP drive motor is mounted in the sink area to drive the UUT, the motor is coupled to a 2.4:1 ratio gearbox and fully adjustable up to 8520 RPM. The 2.4:1 ratio gearbox is equipped with a lube oil circuit for cooling purposes.

Model 39259 incorporates 6″ pressure gauges connected to a port bar in the sink area for measuring all necessary pressures while testing the UUT. Two turbine flowmeters are equipped with digital panel displays to read the main and motive fuel discharge stages of the fuel pump. A torque transducer with a range of 0-2000 in-lb. is mounted on the AND 20002 drive pad and is close coupled with the UUT to measure torque during UUT testing.

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Additional information


112 inches


90 inches


78 inches


Approximately 5000 lbs.


MIL-PRF-7024 Type 2, 120 gal capacity

Max Pressure


Max Flow

60 GPM

Drive Motor

75HP @ 8520 RPM