Pump and Fuel Accessory Test Stand Model D39053

Product Information

The test stand is designed for carrying out test and maintenance procedures on fuel pumps and valves for the GG4 and FT4 engines.

The test stand is welded steel monocoque construction. The fuel tank are of welded stainless steel as well as the sink and counter top.

The test stand will perform safely with Type II calibration fluid (Mil-C-7024C). The
electrical components in the stand are mounted in either explosion proof boxes or an air purged box.

Product Features

Leading Particulars:

  • Width: 168 inches

  • Depth: 108 inches

  • Height: 78 inches

  • Weight: Approximately 6000 lbs.

  • Fluid: MIL-C-7024C

  • Max Pressure: 2300 PSIG

  • Max Flow: 150 GPM

Other Information

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