Hydraulic Pump Test Stand Model D38392A

The test stand is designed for carrying out test procedures on aircraft oil pumps. This stand has been specifically designed to test the pumps listed below but other pumps can be tested when fitted with proper adapters, etc.

The test stand is of welded steel monocoque construction with all heavy loads supported on a steel channel section base. The oil tank is welded stainless steel as well as the sink and counter top. A lifting safety shield system allows the operator access to the drive pad and safety during testing.

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Additional information


84 inches


76 inches


78 inches


Approximately 4000 lbs. (with fluid)


MIL-H-83282, 40 gal capacity

Max. Supply Pressure

100 PSIG

Max. Flow

24 GPM


415V, 3PH, 50HZ

Drive Motor

40HP, 0-7500 RPM, 0-415V

Pumps Tested

Messier-Hispano-Buggati C24160022