Hydraulic Test Stand Model D39110

The test stand is designed for carrying out test procedures on aircraft hydraulic pumps and motors. These tests involve pressure, flow, temperatures, speed and torque. The test stand consists of an open console and an adjacent drive section with a roll-up sink cart. A sliding Lexan shield system provides safety during testing. The drive controller cabinet is separate and can be mounted against a nearby wall or in a separate area if desired. The test stand tests the pumps listed below, but can accommodate other pumps through the use of various adapters.

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Additional information

Pumps Tested

Hydraulic Pump no. 414HS127-1
Hydraulic Pump no. 234HS130-2
Hydraulic Pump no. 56075
Emergency Pump no. 63153
Hydraulic Pump no. 66WAP200-2
Pump/Motor no. 68071
AGB Motor no. 114HS129-3


72 inches


32 1/2 inches


69 inches


Approximately 2500 lbs. (with fluid)


MIL-H-5606 (Red Oil) 60 gal capacity

Max. Supply Pressure

120 PSIG

Max. Flow

33 GPM