Pitchlock Regulator T/S Model D39068

The Pitchlock Regulator Test Stand provides Red Oil testing capability to test various Pitchlock Regulators. The test stand provides a maximum pressure of 5,000 PSIG and a maximum flow of 60 GPM.

The instrumentation of the stand measures the different parameters of the test:

  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Flow
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Torque


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Additional information

The test stand is designed to test the following components

Pitch Lock Regulators:
558279 03-20CBBK-1 & -2
782369-1 03-20CBBK-1 & -2
767999-2 03-20CBBJ-1 & -2

Auxiliary Motor 56020 03-20CED-2

Flow Switch 582460 03-20CFA-1 &-2


120 inches


78 inches


136 inches


Approximately 5000 lbs.


MIL-H-5606 (Red Oil) 100 gal capacity

Max Pressure

5,000 PSIG

Max Flow

60 GPM