APU Fuel Control Unit (FCU) Test Stand D39222

Product Information

APU Fuel Control Unit (FCU) Test Stand Model D39222

This test stand is designed for the purpose of testing and adjusting new or overhauled APU Fuel Control Units (FCU). Model 39222 is equipped with a pump capable of supplying 5 GPM at 50 PSI of MIL-PRF-7024 Type 2 to the unit under test (UUT). A 10 HP drive motor is mounted in the sink area to drive the UUT, the motor is fully adjustable up to 5400 RPM.

Model 39222 incorporates a computer based data acquisition system using National Instruments hardware. Instrumentation signals including pressure, fluid flow, drive speed, DC volts, DC ohms, AC volts, AC ohms, and fluid temperature are fed into the data acquisition hardware. A custom software program reads, displays, and plots the necessary parameters to complete the test procedures.

The test stand includes a 115VAC 400Hz power supply with voltage adjustment to simulate aircraft power. The ability to read AC voltage and resistance is incorporated into the electrical circuit and fed into the data acquisition system. A 30VDC power supply is included with the electrical system. This power supply also has voltage adjustment and the ability to read DC voltage and resistance, these signals are also fed into the data acquisition system.

Product Features

Leading Particulars

  • Width: 84 inches

  • Depth: 60 inches

  • Height: 78 inches

  • Weight: Approximately 4000 lbs.

  • Fluid: MIL-PRF-7024 Type 2, 30 gal capacity

  • Max Pressure: 50 PSIG

  • Max Flow: 5 GPM

  • Drive Motor: 10HP @ 5400 RPM

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